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Machine vision: an enabling technology

A History of Machine Vision, Part 2:
Machine vision: an enabling technology

Forty years after the first embryonic machine vision systems saw the light of day, the machine vision industry has grown into a mature core technology. Established vision techniques are key to a diverse range of applications. This white paper looks at some of the techniques and technologies currently being deployed by this vibrant industry and highlights how machine vision has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Machine vision: an enabling technology
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Camera technology

We take a look at how high performance area scan and line scan CMOS sensors, non-visible wavelength imaging and newer developments such as polarization cameras are opening up new imaging possibilities.

Data handling and processing

Transferring and processing ever-increasing volumes of image data has been made possible by the availability of a number of dedicated machine vision data transmission standards and developments in PC processing power. Computationally intensive techniques such as hyperspectral imaging and deep learning are also discussed.

Illumination and control

Optimising illumination is a critical requirement for machine vision in order to get the best quality image possible of the features to be measured. We explore how dedicated lighting controllers can be used in conjunction with camera triggering to provide a wide range of illumination sequencing options for both area scan and line scan imaging applications. We also take a look at the newer technique of computational imaging.

Embedded systems

The white paper concludes with some discussions on the different type of embedded vision systems available currently for use.

White Paper: Machine vision: an enabling technology

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