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Gardasoft Products and Engineering

October 2018

The build-up to the VISION Show in Stuttgart is always a busy time for our Engineering Department, providing all the technical support needed. We are also excited that the Vision show will be our first opportunity to talk about our Brand new OLED panel controller!

October Newletter Topics

Peter Bhagat's Blog

With the VISION Show now a biennial event, it is more important than ever to make sure that visitors will be able to see the real benefits that our products can offer machine vision systems. So, we’re investing a lot of time and effort in developing demonstrations which bring together our lighting, lens and trigger timing control technologies in a way which best illustrates their rich array of capabilities. Members of our Engineering Department will be available on the stand throughout the show to answer any technical questions that you may have, so we look forward to seeing you there! You can read more about the new lighting controller to be unveiled at Vision.

Our day-to-day work continues and we recently attended the latest International Vision Standards Meeting in Austin, Texas, USA, organised by the AIA. This provided a great opportunity to make further contributions in this area. Gardasoft has always been passionate about machine vision standards and with connectivity such a key component of our control technologies, we are glad to help the development of new standards. We have a particular interest in OPC UA Vision, which offers a generic information model for all machine vision systems from simple vision sensors to complex inspection systems, and the Open lens standard.

The International Vision Standards Meetings, which are held twice a year, are important events. At the recent Autumn meeting, experts from 60 companies from all over the world met to work on standards for machine vision and discuss new standardization initiatives for the future. These companies represent all the machine vision disciplines, (cameras, lighting, cables lenses etc). We discussed the future ways that our equipment interacts, how it communicates and ways to improve the speed and reliability.

One day of the meeting was devoted to connecting our devices together so that we can check that our customers do not have any problems when they use the products they have purchased. Although many of the participants are competitors to each other, these meetings give Gardasoft designers and others a unique opportunity to talk to each other and analyse any potential connectivity issues.

Best Wishes

Peter Bhagat