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Gardasoft Products and Engineering

April 2018

Our engineering team is always hard at work on a number of different projects. If you want any of the firmware or documents mentioned here then send a request through our "Ask the expert" panel at the bottom of this webpage.

April Newletter Topics

Peter Bhagat's Blog

New CC320 firmware

V026 firmware has now been released. This has a number of new modes, including minimum and maximum trigger pulse width filters, D-type and RS latches and a counter. These allow even more complex functions to be built up with the CC320.

For example, we've just used the minimum pulse width filter on an exhibition demo to be shown at the Boston Vision Show this month. We have markings round a turntable read by a sensor, which work rather like an encoder. There is a gap in the markings and the CC320 looks for a minimum time gap from the sensor. It then knows where the turntable is, so it is using it to provide synchronisation of the turntable, without having to have a second sensor.

"Ask the expert" to get the release notes for these features.

TCP enhancements

We have enhanced the operation of TCP links. This includes a parameter to speed up packet retry. When a packet is lost TCP can wait a long time before re-sending, which increases the latency in systems and sometimes TCP messages will arrive too late. Speeding this up allows faster and more reliable systems. As we release new firmware for products, these enhancements will be included. So far they have been included on CC320 and TR-CL180.

Again, you can request the Release Notes through the "Ask the expert" panel.

Application Notes

We have many application notes available on a variety of subjects which are too detailed to put in the user manual. I will just highlight two here which you can find on our downloads page.

"APP971 – Connecting Trigger Signals" describes how to connect our trigger inputs to various signals including TTL, optos, NPN, etc.

"APP979 – Updating Firmware" describes how users can update their controllers to the latest firmware version using the Ethernet or RS232 connection. Our firmware is extremely robust so firmware updates are generally only done when there is a new feature which will improve the way a system works.

Peter Bhagat