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Flexible, Easy Programming With The CC320

When a number of devices must be accurately sequenced in a machine vision system, the usual solution has been to program a PLC to generate the necessary signals. However, a PLC is a significant investment and requires specialist knowledge to programme the Relay Ladder Logic. The CC320 Timing Controller can save significant engineering effort by performing the same high-performance logic via an easy-to-use interface.

Sequencing & Control made Simple
White paper: Precision, Easy MV Timing

The Gardasoft CC320 was designed specifically to create accurate sequencing of machine vision systems where events must occur within a prescribed latency and determinism. The CC320 allows devices such as lighting, cameras, proximity sensors and encoders to be configured with precise timings or on exact conveyor belt travel without resorting to expensive PLC solutions. The CC320 can solve almost all machine vision timing problems.

The CC320 Trigger Timing Controller offers the functionality of a high-performance PLC in a format ideal for machine vision applications. It is similar to a PLC in that it interfaces with devices such as sensors, switches, encoders and reject gates, but unlike a PLC, it was designed specifically for ultra-high-speed triggering and sequencing. This design allows it to achieve response times far exceeding the performance of standard PLCs.

The Gardasoft CC320 has eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs, and each output can be individually configured to create precision triggers based on a combination of input signals. For example, timing can be based on precise delays or on an exact conveyor belt travel by using an encoder to measure belt movement. A trigger delay is available in case it's necessary to filter noisy trigger signals.

In order to make configuration of the machine vision system as simple as possible, the CC320 has an internal web server and can be fully controlled via image processing software on a remote PC. It can also be configured via an internet browser or simply by sending basic string commands using Ethernet. There are a number of application examples on the datasheet and in App937.